Alfredo Mitolo

Alfredo Mitolo

Osteopathy and Physiotherapy

Qualifications: Osteopath D.O. MRO (I) Diploma in Osteopathy (Member of the Register of Osteopaths of Italy), Physical Therapist, graduated ISEF.
Private Practice.
Specialist in Osteopathy, Physiotherapy, Rehabilitation for Sports Injuries
Year of specialization: Physiotherapy 1996
Osteopathy 2001
Member of the Register of Osteopaths of Italy (ROI) and the Italian Association of Physiotherapists (AIFI).

Osteopatia - Alfredo Mitolo


Osteopathy is a natural therapy that uses exclusively the hands of a certified professional to evaluate the patients’ condition. It offers treatment and prevention of musculoskeletal disorders and with any organ dysfunction or trauma that may cause pain and suffering.
Osteopathy believes the patient is capable of restoring optimal tissue mobility which can facilitate and stimulate the body to return to its original state of health.
Osteopathy is a gentle technique which is painless and non-traumatizing to the individual. Osteopathy works by balancing the vital functions of the body, creating an equilibrium which not only cures the patient of his/her symptoms, but also acts as prevention for future ailments or discomforts. The osteopath attends to the problematic areas but also covers the entire body giving a complete and comprehensive approach. Therefore, osteopathy is beneficial for a broad range of complaints and is suitable for all ages.

General indications in adults

- Locomotor pain which includes back pain, low back pain, neck pain, sciatica, intercostal neuralgia, crural fasciaitis, stiff neck, tendonitis, and sports hernia. - Post-traumatic complications such as joint sprains and whiplash. - Headache, muscle-tension headaches and migraines. - Digestive disorders such as hiatal hernia. - Gynecological conditions such as menstrual pain, dysmenorrheal and general discomfort during pregnancy. - TMJ problems.

General indications in infants and children

- Birth trauma, poor digestion, abdominal colic, difficulty sleeping, recurrent ear infections, hyperactivity - alleviating discomfort from orthodontic procedures.

Side Effects of osteopathy

The scope of osteopathy excludes all anatomical lesions, serious viral and infectious diseases and all medical emergencies. Osteopaths do not perform miracles, but they are at the service of the patient and collaborate with any medical specialist who accepts the basic function of osteopathy.
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Fisioterapia - Alfredo Mitolo


Physiotherapy is performed by a professional physical therapist to treat, heal and relieve pain following trauma or other pathological events of various kinds. Physical Therapists are generally contacted following trauma or surgery and help guide the patient to recovery through a series of specified movements. For more information about physiotherapy, please visit the Wikipedia page.


The post-surgical rehabilitation begins immediately after surgery: the objectives of the course of treatment take into account the type of intervention along with the expectations of the various subjective factors of the patient, for example, whether the patient is a professional athlete or a person with a sedentary job. The rehabilitation protocols are constantly updated and monitored in a team effort between surgeon, physiatrist, physical therapist and athletic trainer.
In particular, Dr. Mitolo focuses with rehabilitation of the following: subacromial impingement syndrome and rotator cuff pathology, trauma acromion-clavicular joint, adhesive capsulitis or "frozen shoulder" injury and rupture of the long head of the biceps (LCB) , herniated cervical lumbar vertebral fractures, total hip replacement, hip fracture assisted with synthetic bone, pelvic fractures, total hip replacement and compartmental knee replacement, reconstruction of the anterior cruciate ligament (ACL), posterior cruciate ligament reconstruction (PCL), chondropathy patellofemoral joint, meniscectomy surgery, ankle fracture reduced with fixation, injury and rupture of the Achilles tendon surgery and correction of hallux valgus.


In case of trauma, rehabilitation generally begins after a medical diagnosis has been made by a specialist. The Osteopath then works in accordance with what the Doctor has prescribed as ways of further treating the patient.
In particular, Dr. Mitolo works on rehabilitation of the shoulders, knees and ankles which have been traumatized with the following: scapular humeral periarthritis, recurrent shoulder dislocations, ligament injuries of the ankle and knee, tendonitis, meniscopatie and degeneration of menisci and cartilage, muscle injuries such as bruises, strains, contractures and tears, osteoarthritis, fractures, and all functional deficits resulting from the surgical treatment.



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